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New color class for quilters!


... even if you're "not good" with color!



5 Strategies for Fun & Fast Color (even if you're not good with color!)

Free, Live Color Class for Quilters

How to Skip the Color Frustration! 

In this class, I'll teach you 5 of my favorite strategies to quickly choose a color palette that SIZZLES for your next quilting project without the color overwhelm and time suck (yes, even if you "stink at color!").  Get ready to start planning your next project and shopping your stash with confidence! 

Here's just some of what you’ll learn during this color class:

1: The Color Theory "Essentials Kit"


Skip the color frustration & time commitment so you can get right to the fun part, faster!

2: How to Use Pops, Sizzle, and Blends Effectively


Create pop and sizzle to highlight your favorite design features, and tame the color craze with blends.

3: Strategies for Fun and Fast Color


I’ll teach you fun and fast strategies you can use to create a color palette you love for your next BOM project.

Choosing your own Colors Can Be Fun and Fast! 


Customizing the colors for your next BOM will help you use up your stash, get you excitedly planning your new project, plus you'll be using the colors you absolutely adore and make your heart go pitter pat! 

But for many quilters, color can be a frustrating time commitment. But the good news is, choosing the perfect colors can be fun and easy. 

Join me to learn 5 fun and fast color strategies to help you choose a color palette you love for your next BOM project.



Consider this class a MUST attend if: 

  • You want to confidently customize your next BOM with colors you LOVE - even if you think you're "not good with color"
  • You want to break up with your fabric bundles and truly shop your stash.
  • You want to be able to quickly create a beautiful color palette with colors that pop and sizzle without creating clash or boring blends.
  • You want to SKIP the color frustration and get right to the good part - planning and creating!

What people are saying: 


A few questions, answered! 


Hey there! I'm Rebecca, it's nice to meet you! 

I’m known for my colorful, modern quilts and I’ve got a few secret color “recipes” for you! 

One of my favorite parts of quilting is at my machine with binging some junk TV (currently it's "Friday Night Lights" reruns!), and having myself a relaxing sewing session. 

But as a busy, working mom, I found choosing the *perfect* colors began to interfere with my sewing sessions. Boo! 

So, I started creating color “recipes” to help me choose color palettes faster. 

If you want to customize your next BOM with colors you love, I can’t wait to show you how to quickly create color palettes that pop and sizzle! 

See you in class!