Stargazer BOM - One Time

I'm excited to re-introduce the Stargazer Block of the Month program from 2019! This BOM program is a 9-month program combining geometric triangle designs from my Modern Triangle Quilts book in colorful layout. Since it ran in 2019, you get access to everything all at once. Hooray for immediate gratification!


  • Exclusive Bryan House Quilts Pattern - You'll enjoy exclusive access to a Bryan House Quilts pattern. They're real and they're spectacular! 
  • PDF printable pattern - For each month, you'll see a new PDF printable with instructions. Download, print, and enjoy!
  • Complete Video Instruction - You'll have access to complete video instruction for each month's blocks. 
  • Color Planner Worksheets - Follow my meticulously planned colorways or create your own color scheme using my Color Planner Worksheets. 

One time payment of $97. Does not include access to the Make Modern Triangles program. 

$97 One Time Payment

👉 Do you need a copy of Modern Triangle Quilts? (Just $29.97)

We'll send you a signed copy of Modern Triangle Quilts - 70 Graphic Triangles; 11 Bold Sampler Quilts (includes US Domestic Shipping)