$27 - Color "Chip" Theory

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Color "Chip" Theory

Want to use color chips to quickly create killer color palettes? 

With this mini workshop, I’ll help you: 

  • Set up your color chip system you're excited to use
  • Get started using your system with some fun and simple color theory demonstrations you'll actually get
  • Build 5 styles of rainbow color palettes using my Killer Rainbow Palette Builder recipes

Download the printable color chips, watch the training, and walk away with the tools you need to start creating amazing color palettes, quickly! 

Simple and fun! 


🌈 How to set up your color chips the right way (you need to consider 3 things) 

🌈 Five proven Killer Rainbow Palette Builders - recipes you can use to quickly build amazing color gradients

🌈 My #1 recommendation if you're ready to master color with color chips 

🌈 How to build a color palette with zing and spark! 

🌈 How to build on your color comfort zone to work towards your Passion Palettes. 

🌈 The shortcuts you can take to quickly choose amazing colors and get down to the fun part - sewing!

🌈 Color theory, color wheels, hues, tones, value… oh my! I’ll break it down color theory so it's easy and simple and totally "do-able"

See you inside!