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Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to choosing colors? 


Playing with color chips is the BEST way to take your use of color from "meh" to "WOW!" You can use color chips to...


Speed up the color choosing process using these color chip. Then, buy the "right" color at the shop!


Practicing putting color chips together into eye catching palettes! 


Playing with color chips puts color theory into your hands so you can finally "get" it!

Hello There!

I'm Rebecca of Bryan House Quilts and I'm known for my colorful quilts. But, once upon a time, I struggled to create beautiful color palettes. Ooooh I shudder to remember all that green and pink fabric I cut up only to trash it all cause it looked HORRID! Yikes!

What helped me master color in my quilts was using color chips to play with color. Color theory finally started to make sense once I could play with color with my hands.

Quilters are tactile people. So that's why I put the "Playful Color Swatch Library" together. So you could try playing with color chips too!

It is my sincere believe that playing with color can help quilters who struggle with color go from "meh" to "WOW!" And I can't wait for you to try! 

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