Free Class and Pattern for Quilters


... a step-by-step class!



Free Modern Triangle Class and Pattern


Make a beautiful Modern Triangle

... and learn the magic of Freezer Paper Piecing! In this class, I'll walk you step-by-step through the technique while we make "Block #47", affectionately known as "Scrappy Whirligig". Watch the class today, get your first magical, "ta da" moment tomorrow! 

Get started in three easy steps:

Step 1: Get the Pattern


You'll get the printable PDF pattern - the perfect quilt for beginners and traditional quilters ready for something new. 

Step 2: Watch the Class


In this hour long class (replay included), enjoy the step-by-step instruction and leave inspired with color and design ideas. 

Step 3: Start Creating


Enjoy some "me time" and discover what you can make with just one Modern Triangle.

What do quilters want most? More time for creating!

We quilters love those “ta da” moments! Those moments where we can show off and celebrate what we just made. But, for quilters, a lot of work goes into each and every finish! Making those “ta da” moments hard to come by.

While I can’t actually bend the laws of physics to give you more time (yet!­čśť) I can help expand your time so you get more creativity and fulfillment, and ultimately more of those “ta da” moments. 

When you make modern triangles, you get to celebrate each triangle. Each delightful triangle is unique in its own way and comes with loads of design potential. You can’t go wrong! With each triangle you get to shout "ta da!" and celebrate all the way to that BIG “oh so sweet” finish!


Join the Class Today! Get your first "ta da!" tomorrow!

From trivets to full on quilts, here's a few "a ha" and "ta da" moments from our members: 

Helen H.

"Dear Rebecca, I have just attended your webinar and have sooooo enjoyed it. Thank you for being so easy to follow."

Anna D.

“Your lesson today was an absolute eye opener! You have a real gift for teaching, and your website shows your organizational skills. Thanks for sharing it with us. ­čĺť"  

Kathy L.

“I was looking for fun - and you were lively and engaging in the video!” 


Consider this class a MUST attend if: 

  • You’re a quilter looking to take your creativity to the next level (feeling a little bored? uninspired?)
  • You’re fed up with paper piecing (trust me the Freezer Paper Magic technique will change your life!)
  • You love to celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done (Well ... mostly well done. Ok, fine. Almost done. Yah! I get a cookie!)
  • You want, no NEED, more “ta da” moments out of your precious creative time (um, yup!)

See why thousands of quilters love making modern triangles!

What will you make with your triangle? Here's a few more "a ha" and "ta da" moments from our members to spark your creativity:

Cathy M.

“You are the best! You have reignited my interest in quilting, thank you!” 

Karen C.

“Opens up a lot of possibilities. Love not having to pull papers.” Karen C. 

Rosie W.

“VERY cool. I’ve done lots of FPP, but not on freezer paper. LOVE it ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ."

Hello There!

I'm Rebecca. Nice to meet you! 

Ever since I wrote the book on Modern Triangle Quilts (C&T Publishing, 2017), I've been helping quilters enjoy more “ta da” moments in my popular online workshops and Block of the Month programs. With "Modern" Triangles quilters just like you have all the tools you need to create beautiful modern triangles quilts.  

­čĹë Clear instructions? Check.

­čĹë BLOCKBUSTER Patterns? Check. Check.

­čĹë Cheerleading & Inspiration? Check PLUS!

­čĹë Friends to celebrate with? Check PLUS PLUS!!


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