Introducing the Solstice Quilt! A beautiful symmetry of color and shape creates this stunning and enrapturing "modern triangle" quilt. 

As shown the Solstice Quilt measures 68'' x 68''. Because the center medallion design never changes, there are 8 size options from baby to king!



Triangle quilts are the best right? You know what makes triangle quilts even better? *Modern* Triangles!

In this program, I'll guide you, step by step, as you make this beautiful, shapely (dare I say?) quilt.



Loads of color options, too!

I'm sure you can imagine, making a Modern Triangle Quilt, is no small feat. Some of those awesome triangles require a bit of effort!

Just for you, I’ve divyed the Solstice Quilt into a step-by-step program, which makes creating a modern triangle quilt manageable and totally doable and totally FUN!

The program breaks down into 9 parts. Create at your own pace (in the comfort of your own home!), putting this gorgeous, but challenging, quilt together step by step

You’ll have the support of instructional videos, tips, and the downloadable PDFs from me, your instructor. *And* you’ll be working on your quilt in good company with lots of other quilt makers from around the world. How cool is that?!


Need something just for you? If you’re like me, you love a little somethin' somethin'. A little sewing R&R.

Something challenging but also enjoyable. For me, that means curling up in my PJs, my sewing machine, and a great Netflix program on my Ipad. 

If that sounds pretty nice to you, then treat yourself to the Solstice Block of the Month program.

In a year's time, you'll make a beautiful, challenging, Modern Triangles Quilt at a doable and enjoyable pace all with the support of instruction videos from yours truly and in the community of the other quilters in the program. 

Get ready for an amazing experience! 


Hey there! I'm Rebecca

Your modern triangle guide.


My passion is quilting (in color!) and helping quilters create beautiful quilts. I'm known for my colorful quilts, and I've taught thousands of quilters and shown my quilts around the world. 

I would love to help you make a Modern Triangle quilt!  

When I'm not quilting or teaching, I can be found enjoying a hot cup of coffee (Mocha's are my go to treat!) and a good book, with Bruce Wayne the Weiner Dog curled up on my lap. I also enjoy painting and spending time with my family, husband, and four children.




Solstice BOM

$97 $67


  • Solstice Program ($97 Value)

  • Cosmos Live Action 2023 Block of the Month Program ($197 Value)

  • Rainbow Triangles Program ($97 Value)

  • Stargazer Program ($97 Value)

  • Wildflower Triangles Program ($97 Value)

  • Sparkler Program ($97 Value)

  • Monthly live virtual Sewins

  • Triangle Chatter Community (Priceless!)





  • Solstice Program ($97 Value)

  • Cosmos Live Action 2023 Block of the Month Program ($197 Value)

  • Rainbow Triangles Program ($97 Value)

  • Stargazer Program ($97 Value)

  • Wildflower Triangles Program ($97 Value)

  • Sparkler Program ($97 Value)

  • Monthly Live Virtual Sewins

  • Triangle Chatter Community (Priceless!)


What are members making and saying?

Check out some makes and testimonials from current and former members:

"Had so much fun and learned an awful lot about freezer paper piecing, I new skill for me. I actually completed the quilt top within the class timeframe. It's at the quilters and will have time to bind it before Christmas. Rebecca also shared her secrets to reverse binding (if that's the proper term) that I am excited to try. I too will be signing up for the 2020 BOM. Thank you Rebecca for such great instructions and videos."


"BOM 2018 is my third class with Becca, one of my favorite quilt teachers. Her projects are interesting and inspiring and her commitment to sharing her techniques, ideas and even her rare mistakes, makes each session a learning time. I’m looking forward to 2019 BOM!"


"I'm new to quilting, so starting a quilting project was daunting for me. But along came the Rainbow Triangle BOM! I signed up and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Plus I will have completed my first quilt! I found the lessons were very well organised. The videos are great as you can actually see the process. Rebecca is an awesome teacher, very well organised and thorough. I have learnt so much and can't wait to start the 2019 BOM."


"The Rainbow Triangle BOM has been a great way to learn new types of piecing to create an often overlooked block shape, triangles, with everything from handouts to video instructions. It has been fun trying to work out each month how the different coloured pieces will go together, and the end result is a gorgeous, unusual and vibrant quilt."


"I had so much fun with the 2018 BOM! The email reveal at the beginning of each month was like getting a little present! Some months were challenging, others were easy-peasy but the final outcome was creative, colorful and beautiful. Rebecca’s attention to detail is incredible...handouts, videos and even a place to post our progress! She gave me so much more than I expected!"


"I have now taken three online quilting courses with Rebecca and ‘highly recommend’. Rebecca’s instructions are thorough and accurately demonstrated. She is easy and welcoming to approach with any questions. Her positive feedback and encouragement, for example re experimenting with new colourways, builds confidence for future fun with colour ... (or neutrals 😁). Thanks Rebecca, I will be signing up for your next BOM 2020!"


"I so enjoyed meeting the challenge of making the 2019 Stargazer. I have learned how to use freezer paper when paper piecing and I love it. It's so great to interact with other quilters. The videos, pdfs, are all well done and very helpful. You did a great job Rebecca."


"Stargazer BOM - thought it looked complicated but I thought what the heck I would try it. With Rebecca Bryan's teaching (videos, live teachings, materials etc) she broke it down & simplified the pattern/freezer paper piecing. I become confident she was there every step of the way. Such a great teacher! I highly recommend her BOM or any class. Don't think twice & sign up!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Included: Within the BOM program you'll have access to all the instructional videos and PDF pattern downloads you need to successfully make your own Solstice quilt. 

Not included: You'll need a copy of Modern Triangle Quilts. (Sold separately. Note: you'll find a coupon code on the "Welcome" page after you register.)

Fabric is not included. 

Do I need a triangle ruler? No, all rulers and templates are provided. But you'll want Quilter's Template Plastic.

The Solstice Program is divided into 9 parts, from introduction to quilting.

We'll make blocks during Parts 1-7. Then in Part 8 and 9 we'll work on quilt top assembly and quilt finishing. 

Everything is immediately available when you join. So, you can go through the Solstice at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.  



If you join by the "a la carte" price, you'll have access for the life of the program. You'll have access to the Triangle Chatter Community for 12 months. 

If you join with a membership pass, you'll have access to this workshop and all other Modern Triangle BOM programs and the Triangle Chatter Community for as long as you're a member in good standing. 

My favorite modern triangle ninja techniques!

As far as quilting techniques, we traditional piecing, strip sets, using a triangle trimming template, freezer paper piecing, assembling a triangle quilt, and machine binding.

Yes! Absolutely, yes, you can use prints. I personally have this terrible affliction in that I tend to use solids. Ha! But yes, please use prints and use your stash. 

You may want to look back on past BOMs (#rainbowtrianglesBOM and #stargazerBOM) to see how others have used prints. 

Ah, yes! The Make Modern Triangles Club is pretty rad... for triangle lovers. 

The Club is for quilters who love triangles and want the best value so they can make more than one of the quilts. 

There also might probably be a secret *extra* BOM hidden within the membership. Fill in the blank: "12 _____ of Christmas... Just sayin'... 


I feel ya! Technology is really cool, but it can be a tad overwhelming. 

Ok, so how it works is once your payment is completed you'll get an email from me with instructions on how to access the course website. If you're new to my Kajabi platform, you'll be instructed to set up an email and password combination. 

Once you're in, you'll see all the workshop content. The workshop website looks a lot like this page. 

And of course, if you have any trouble, you'll be able to contact the Customer Success Team for assistance.

Thank you so much! 

Oh my goodness no, you do not need to be a perfect piecer. 

There's so much I could say about perfection, but I truly believe that finished is better than perfect. Don't let the fear of not being perfect keep you from doing something you love. 

Also, personally, I rely heavily on less stress techniques, like avoiding using the scant quarter inch. In this blog post I show you exactly the technique I use to piece the triangles without worrying about my seam allowance. It's kinda lengthy, but I hope you see what I mean. 

We do not piece perfectly in the Bryan House!

I say yes way! 

A confident beginner could definitely do this quilt. 

Being a beginning quilt maker has its challenges, but if you love this quilt and want to learn how to piece with triangles, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be. 

Why don't you give it a try for a month and see what you think? 


Yup! You'll find 4 curated colorways, and then two "stash busting" colorways. Read more about alternate colorways and size options here.

Also! I have a really cool tool that will let you choose your own color palette.

Aw, I'm so glad you're so excited. Me too! 

There are kits available on a pre-order basis.


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